Imagine spending time at one of the biggest resorts on the Black Sea Coast, sinking your feet in golden sand. You no longer have to imagine; make plans to visit Golden Sands, a resort town in Bulgaria within the Varna municipality. Its popularity grows every year with tourists traveling from all over the world to engage in various activities in the resort town.


Golden Sands has a mild climate that makes it an attractive destination all year round. If you love sunbathing and enjoy feeling the warm sunshine on your body, plan to visit the resort during summer. The season begins mid-May and gets better from June to September, making it the best time to visit.

The high season is from July to August, when the town experiences ten hours of sun daily. During these months, the weather is warm during the day and night, with temperatures reaching 30⁰C. The longer hours of sunshine give visitors more time to sightsee and enjoy beach activities.


Considered one of the largest resorts in Europe, Golden Sands is a beautiful sight to behold. Located to the north of the Black Sea Coast, it has plenty of lush vegetation comprising bushes and trees that resemble a park.

The resort has a beach strip that stretches 4 kilometers and is 100 meters wide, giving it the title of “best beach in Europe.” Its pure sandy beaches filled with “golden sand” comprise gentle slopes with no sudden drops or rocks.

It proudly holds a Blue Flag resort badge which means that its beaches are clean and free from pollution. Besides the warm sand, visitors have an expanse of crystal-clear water perfect for cooling off by swimming or engaging in various water activities. 

The beachfront promenade has several bars and shops that are the perfect spots for shopping and winding down at the end of the day. Many hotels are located within the broad-leaved forests at the resort and offer services at different categories and prices.

Additionally, Golden Sands has an Aqua Park and various facilities perfect for water sport activities. Its massive size is also heightened by its virtual connection to other nearby resorts, namely Riviera Resort, Elena Resort, St Konstatin, and other villa communities. 


Located 19km from Varna, Golden Sands is a leading seaside resort in Bulgaria that receives visitors throughout the year. Luckily, the area is served by two airports and several motorways, making it accessible to local and international travelers. The two major airports near Golden Sands are Varna International and Bourgas International. 

Varna International airport is the closest airport to Golden Sands, approximately 25 km away. Visitors will take about half an hour from the airport to the resort using a private vehicle. Although it is 150 km away from Golden Sands, Bourgas International airport is another option for travelers. It takes about 140 min to move from the airport to Golden Sands using a private car.